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5 Essential Camping Tips for First Timers

5 Essential Camping Tips for First Timers


For a multitude of reasons, camping trips have soared in the UK this year, up to 500% in certain areas in the country. We ourselves at Outdoors4You - a camping shop in Leicestershire - have seen an especially high number of first time campers in the shop this season, and therefore wanted to compile a short list of essential tips that can be easy to forget for those making their camping debut!


Even if you’re a seasoned camper, it might be worth checking if any of these best practice tips have slipped your mind! It was difficult to only choose 5, so this isn’t an all-encompassing list, just a quick checklist of things which we find often slip people’s minds on their first trip away in the wild!


Keep reading below to discover 5 essential camping tips for first timers, compiled by the outdoors experts at Leicester camping shop Outdoors4You.


  • Beware bad weather


We don’t need to tell you that weather in the UK is about as predictable as, in the words of sports commentator Sid Waddell, “a wasp on speed”. Therefore, even if the forecast is looking promising, there’s some essential things you need to bring just incase it takes a turn for the worst…


  • Lots of warm layers (and a hat!)
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Sun protection (sun cream, glasses, etc.)
  • Insect repellent


  • Bring a first aid kit


Hopefully you won’t have to end up using it, however having the essentials to be able to bandage a wound is imperative in case someone does end up having an accident. The basics in medicine and cleaning equipment could also go a long way!


  • Remember it’s going to get dark!


It sounds silly, but a lot of first time campers go whilst forgetting that there may be absolutely no light sources around them, meaning they’ll be relying on using their phone’s flashlight for the whole trip (which isn’t ideal, especially considering a lot of people enjoy taking a break from their phones during camping trips!)


Any camping outlet, such as Leicestershire outdoors equipment provider Outdoors4you, provide a wealth of hand-held torches and hanging lanterns for this very reason!


  • Plan out meal times in advance!


Cooking on a campsite doesn’t need to be a stressful experience, it can actually be a lot of fun and something multiple people can get involved in, however, it can turn sour very quickly if not enough preparation has been done to stop people being “hangry”...


Plan out what you want to cook and most importantly, how you’re going to cook it, in advance by doing a bit of research or speaking to experts about what equipment you might need. The staff at camping shops such as Outdoors4you are always happy to speak to people about the different types of cookers, gas, (etc), which is required to keep you well fed during your camping trip away.



5. Bring enough to keep you entertained!


Camping trips can be great opportunity for families, friends and couples to enjoy some “old fashioned” games which, believe it or not, require no screens at all.


Bringing the right card games, board games, sporting equipment and more really can make or break a trip, so make sure prioritise entertainment when planning your camping holiday.


For this very reason, Leicestershire camping shop Outdoors4you have thousands of affordable games and activities available to buy from the store!



Based in Sileby, Leicestershire, Outdoors4you provide new, pre-owned and clearance camping equipment -  always at bargain prices! Visit our online shop today or come visit us in store to discover tents, furniture, cooking, eating, sleeping, clothing, shoes, games, accessories and much more!


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