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Cocktail Di Parole Game (Italian Language) - checked

Cocktail Di Parole Game (Italian Language) - checked

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Pre-owned but in good condition with neat wooden dice. Outer box is a bit worn. Instructions in Italian, but a short summary follows:

There are 13 dices to be thrown, letters are printed on their faces instead of numbers. When hourglass timer is exhausted, the players must read the longest (and obviously meaningful) word they could have found with the letters shown in the upper dices' faces. Each letter has a point value, so they will sum up and score the points the word found is totally worth and go on with the next roll.
Players choose at the beginning how many throws the game is going to be long, after the last one the higher scorer is the winner.
Proper nouns and abbreviations are not scored. Also, each unused letter will have the points worth subtracted from the score.