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Summit Travel Emergency Toilet Bag

Summit Travel Emergency Toilet Bag

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  • Travel urinal bags - 3 pack
  • Unisex, for men, women or children
  • Disposable
  • Odour and leak free
  • Compact - fits into your purse or wallet
  • Portable with a large capacity of 600ml
  • Dimensions 13 x 22cm

Emergency Urinal bags, eco-friendly, disposable and unisex. Safe and convenient to use anywhere such as in the car, camping, festival , etc. they can even be used as sick bags. The super absorbant polymer filling can absorb up to 600ml of fluid that solidifies into an odourless non-toxic gel. The opening of the urine bag adapts to fit every one regardless of gender or age. Simply seal after use and dispose of in a waste bin.