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Kombat Paracord Carabiners Pack Of 10

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These versatile carabiners are designed to elevate your paracord projects with style and functionality.

Ideal for shelter building and as gear hangers. 

Whether you're crafting survival bracelets, keychains, or other paracord accessories, these carabiners add a touch of durability and reliability to your projects.

Each pack includes 10 pieces of these black metal paracord carabiners, providing you with an ample supply for multiple projects or sharing with fellow enthusiasts.

The black finish not only adds a modern and stylish flair but also ensures that your creations stand out with a touch of sophistication.

It's important to note that while these carabiners are robust and reliable for various paracord applications, they are not suitable for climbing.

Use them creatively and confidently in non-critical situations to enhance your outdoor experience.

Upgrade your paracord projects with the Metal Paracord Carabiners in black—a blend of form and function that adds a professional touch to your creations while ensuring a secure connection every time.


• Metal Paracord Carabiners - Black
• Designed to be used with 3mm Paracord
• Sold in a pack of 10 pcs  
• Not Suitable for Climbing